Updates on Executive Order and Travel Ban


The Department of Homeland Security issued a statement to clarify President Trump's Executive Order suspending the entry of people from certain countries. The statement notes that the admission of lawful permanent residents ("green card" holders) is in the "national interests" of the United States. While the statement confirms that admission of permanent residents is still a case-by-case determination, it notes that such status is a "dispositive factor" absent any serious threats to national security. In summation, green card holders will by and large be allowed entry into the United States. If you are from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, or Yemen and have travel plans, it is crucial to obtain advice of an immigration attorney before embarking on your trip.


Federal court orders in several cities (Boston, Brooklyn, Seattle, and Alexandria VA) placed a temporary, limited hold on the travel ban. The court order protects only individuals who are currently in the United States or who were in transit at the time the Executive Order was issued. Travel continues to be prohibited for individuals outside of the U.S., and the government continues to reserve the right to revoke or refuse visas for travel to the U.S.

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