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Green Cards

Green Cards

Green Cards Obtaining a green card means obtaining lawful permanent resident (LPR) status in the United States. An LPR is eligible to reside and work in the U.S. on a permanent basis. An LPR may also travel internationally with certain restrictions and petition… Read More

Employment-Based U.S. Green Cards

EB-1 Priority Workers

Individuals who are eligible for the EB-1 classification can file directly for their green cards without going through the PERM labor certification process. The three categories of EB-1 are: Individuals possessing extraordinary ability in the scienc… Read More

PERM Labor Certification

PERM stands for “Program Electronic Record Management” and is the current process for application for labor certifications (LC) with the U.S. Department of Labor. The PERM LC process is the first of a three-step process for most employment-base… Read More

National Interest Waiver

UPDATE: December 27, 2016 Decision Matter of Dhanasar by the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) Introduces New Framework for Evaluating NIW Applications. The National Interest Waiver (NIW) can be filed by an individual in the EB-2 Second Preference… Read More

Family-Based Green Cards

Immediate Relatives

Spouses, parents, and children under 21 of U.S. citizens are considered “immediate relatives” under the immigration law. They are not subject to numerical limitations on immigrant visas and therefore there is no requirement to “wait in line… Read More

Preference Categories

Relatives who are not the spouses, parents, or children under 21 of U.S. citizens may still apply for visas if they fall into relative "Preference Categories" including unmarried sons and daughters (over 21), married sons and daughters, and sibling… Read More

K-1 Fiance(e) Visas

U.S. citizens are eligible to apply for a fiancé(e) to enter the U.S. for the purpose of immigrating if certain requirements are met: Must have met in person within the past 2 years Must demonstrate intent to marry within 90 days of immigrant’… Read More

Removal of Conditions on Residence

Immigrants who have been married less than two years at the time they obtain their marriage-based green cards are granted conditional permanent resident status, which is valid for two years. Within the 90-day period prior to expiration of the status,… Read More
Temporary Work Visas

Temporary Work Visas

Temporary Work Visas The immigration laws contain provisions for several different categories of temporary workers, depending on the type of employment, the employee’s level of education and training, the employee’s country of origin, and many other factors.… Read More

H-1B Specialty Occupations

The H-1B visa is available for individuals coming to the U.S. to perform specialty occupations. The job must be related to the individual’s field of study. To qualify as a specialty occupation, the job must meet one of the following criteria:… Read More

L-1 Intracompany Transferees

The L-1 visa category allows multinational companies to transfer employees from a foreign office to a U.S. office. There are two categories under the L-1 classification: L-1A for executives and managers, and L-1B for employees with specialized kno… Read More

E-2 Treaty Investors

The E-2 treaty investor visa is available to an individual who is investing a “substantial” amount of capital in a U.S. business. You may qualify by starting a new enterprise or by investing in an existing business. To qualify for an E-2 visa, a… Read More

H-2A/H-2B Seasonal Workers

The H-2A and H-2B programs allow U.S. employers to bring in foreign labor to fill temporary, seasonal jobs. The H-2A program is for temporary agricultural workers, while the H-2B program is for temporary non-agricultural workers. Only nationals of c… Read More
U.S. Citizenship

U.S. Citizenship

U.S. Citizenship U.S. citizenship holds a multitude of benefits. Citizens are eligible to vote and to work in certain government jobs not open to non-citizens. Citizens also enjoy greater benefits in international travel and have certain advantages in petitioning for… Read More


Naturalization is the process by which an eligible immigrant affirmatively applies for U.S. citizenship. An individual becomes a U.S. citizen after they have passed an interview and background checks, and they take the Oath of Allegiance administered… Read More

Acquired/Derivative Citizenship

Some individuals do not need to apply for naturalization to become U.S. citizens. In fact, some individuals may be U.S. citizens and not know it! Citizenship can be acquired by birth abroad if certain requirements are met. Citizenship can also be der… Read More


Asylum/Humanitarian People often come to the United States to flee from persecution and violence in their home countries. Other immigrants may have been victimized here in the United States. The immigration laws contain many provisions for allowing victims of violence,… Read More


A successful asylum applicant must demonstrate that they cannot return to their home country due to a well-founded fear of persecution on one or more of five specified grounds: Race Religion Nationality Political Opinion Membership in a Particular S… Read More


The immigration-related provisions of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) were created to address the issue of immigrant spouses in abusive relationships who remain in such relationships due to fear relating to their immigration status. VAWA allows… Read More


The U-Visa is a nonimmigrant visa available to people who have been victims of certain crimes and were helpful to law enforcement in the investigation or prosecution of the crime. Requirements for U-Visa Victim of qualifying criminal activity Suffer… Read More

DACA - Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

***January 16, 2017 UPDATE *** BREAKING NEWS: In response to a federal court order, USCIS has resumed accepting DACA renewal applications. Read more here. *** September 05, 2017 UPDATE *** BREAKING NEWS: Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the t… Read More
Removal Defense

Removal Defense

Removal Defense We can represent clients in immigration courts throughout the United States. We may be able to resolve some cases through filing of paper motions alone, but most cases will require us to appear in person. Individuals are placed in removal (deportatio… Read More
Other Immigration Cases

Other Immigration Cases

Other Immigration Cases Immigration law encompasses an enormous range of case types. Below are some other immigration matters in which we provide advice and counsel as well as full representation. Federal Court Litigation There is no question that the immigration process is… Read More

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